• A historic day for the quarterback Vizcarrondo, best LG player in the unprecedented Venezuelan classification
  • Sunday, 17 July 2011
  • Marie Hipenmeyer
  • By Danilo Morelli

    The defender, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo scored the first goal for Venezuela, which helped in the unprecedented classification and was voted best LG player of the victory over Chile by 2-1. It is the first time the Venezuelan national team places among the four semifinalists of the Copa America. And with 24.1% of the votes from Internet users and journalists from CONMEBOL, the  player # 4 wrote his name in the history of his team.

    The owner of the Venezuelan defense lead his team to the semifinals. At 34 minutes, Arango launched a free kick on the right and Oswaldo Vizcarrondo headed for the back of the net. In addition to opening the score in San Juan, the defender made a great move on the striker Alexis Sanchez, highlight of Chile. He made eight tackles, 56 right passes, which shows his talent.

    The next challenge will be against Paraguay. The teams met for the first phase of Group B, in the game with the most goals scored in the 2011 Copa America, a very exciting 3-3 tie, decided in the second half.
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