• May the gods illuminate who is better, said Mujica
  • Saturday, 23 July 2011
  • ASUNCION, July 23, 2011 (AFP) - President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, called on "the gods" on Friday to "illuminate" the football team of their country or Paraguay, who will meet Sunday in Buenos Aires at the end of the forty-third edition of the Copa America.

    "May the gods that exist, illuminate who is better. For the defeated, the hug", said the head of the Uruguayan Government to the Radio 1080 AM in the Paraguayan capital.

    He recalled that the soccer tournament as an epilogue to be the clash between Paraguay and Uruguay on Sunday "is the oldest of the earth" and that the meeting "is a cause for celebration and a source of pride" for the countries qualified for the final.

    Buenos Aires highlighted as an excellent stage for the final, because, considered "the belly of Argentine football going to have this party, which I think is great."

    Mujica called "modesty and humility" the winner is the national team of his country or his occasional rival.

    The Uruguayan president announced he will not attend the final of the Copa America, in contrast, his colleague Fernando Lugo, said he will travel to Argentina's capital to witness the top game of the tournament.

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