Dear friends,

The process of receiving e-mails asking for press credentials is concluded. Our ACCREDITATION website as well as our virtual workshop will not close until July 24, 2011, so that all those who have requested login and password can enter  the site as often as needed.

Moreover, we will be processing the receipt of media inquiries from all other categories on the web, just as we did for the press, and for this we need an official correspondence (letter) with the logo of the requesting company with a list containing NAME, LAST NAME, IDENTITY CARD OR PASSPORT to proceed with the due authorization by the appropriate authorities of each category of the event and to send login and password by email.

When we arrive in Buenos Aires and open our offices to the public, the personal process for requesting accreditation for those who ARE NOT FROM THE PRESS, using MANUAL FORMS can be done in each office. However, we’ll still be attending through our virtual office.

For more Information:

  • In 1910, the first international competition was held in South America with more than two participants. Copa Centenario Revolución de Mayo 1910 saw matches by Chile, Uruguay and champion and host country Argentina. However, Conmebol does not consider this tournament as Copa América.