• To Petrobras, investing in sports goes far beyond brand exposure alone. It has to do with contributing to upbringing children and young people who attribute value to qualities such as discipline, ethics, and overcoming challenges. It is also related to turning sports into a tool to close the gap in the social differences there are in all countries where the company has operations. Achieving these goals is more than a challenge. It is a commitment.

    Driven by the certainty that it can contribute to a better world, Petrobras overcomes new challenges every day. Over the past 57 years, the Company has always guided its actions based on the belief that technological development and social responsibility go hand in hand. The outcome of this line of thought can be seen today: Petrobras is a world leader in oil exploration and production in deep waters and is gearing up to kick-off mass production in the pre-salt, which is among the biggest oil provinces ever discovered in the world.

    A Brazilian company, Petrobras has a presence in 29 countries, working in an integrated manner throughout South America. On the mainland, the company operates refineries, pipelines, and production platforms, over and beyond service stations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

    Petrobras has always believed that it should blend the expansion it has made in its business with social development and environmental preservation. Besides investing in cleaner forms of production and in more efficient products, Petrobras is a partner in hundreds of projects ranging from professional training to income generation, from the restoration of ecosystems and the preservation of animal species threatened with extinction to sponsorship for cultural and sports projects.

    By sponsoring the Copa America Argentina 2011, Petrobras not only underpins the historic partnership it has with football, but also fosters integration in the countries where it has operations in Latin America and spurs the energy of all fans.