Chapter I


ART. 1

1. The South-American Football Confederation will organize a tournament  called the “Copa América South-American Championship”, in which the best National Team of each affiliated National Association will be obliged to take part in.

1.1 On the occasion of the Tournament, the Executive Committee will be entitled to invite 2 (two) affiliated institutions from other FIFA recognized Confederations.

1.2  The 2011 Edition will be held in Argentina, and on this opportunity, Mexico and Japan where the National Associations invited to participate.

2. Any withdrawal from the South-American Championships by confirmed national teams shall be fined US$ 50.000 (FIFTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS) and banned for two years from all competitions organized under the direction and organization of the South-American Football Confederation.

Chapter II


ART. 2

1. The National Association, whose team wins the tournament, will receive the COPA AMÉRICA and a replica. The runner-up will receive the COPA BOLIVIA.

2. The winning team will receive 30 gold medals; runner-up, 30 silver medals; third place, 30 bronze medals, and fourth place, 30 copper medals.

3. All National Associations will receive a Diploma for participating in the Tournament.
4. The possession of the COPA AMÉRICA and COPA BOLÍVIA will be temporary, since they must be returned to the South-American Football Confederation before the draw for the following edition of the Tournament is held.

In each edition, the “FAIR PLAY” Trophy will be awarded, according to the rules established by the South-American Football Confederation for each Tournament, through its Organizing Committee.

ART. 3

The Copa América South-American Championships will be held under the authority of the South-American Football Confederation Executive Committee, who owns all intellectual property rights and global trade. This rights can be transferred to third parties through contracts authorized by the E.C. of CONMEBOL.

2. The administration of each Tournament will be the responsibility of an Organizing Committee, formed by:

The President of the South-American Football Confederation, or its representative, who will exercise the Presidency.

A Secretary and Treasurer of the South-American Football Confederation.

A representative of the National Association of the host nation.

3. CONMEBOL designate the headquarters of the host country whose National Association ´ll appoint a Local Organizing Committee (LOC), who ´ll be responsible on behalf of the Organizing Committee of South American Football Confederation, all related to the procurement of air transport land of all delegations, officials, referees, etc., being the responsibility of the games, the accreditation of managers, players, officials and newspaper, radio and television, informing to the  Organizing Committee of the South American Football Confederation all kind of income and expenses to be executed by the title of “Copa América”, as it is stated in paragraph 2 of this article. LOC is also responsible to each of the participating National Associations potential places for accommodation and feeding, as well as necessary training fields and hotels with the money given to LOC by CONMEBOL.

Chapter III

System of Play

ART. 4

1. The 2004 Copa América South-American Championship will have 4 (four) stages:  the first is a group stage, with 3 (three)  participants in each group, followed by the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the final.

First Stage.

2.1 For the first stage, 12 (twelve)  participating teams in the competition will be divided into 3 (three) groups of 4 (four) teams each.

2.2 The formation of these groups will be made by the South-American Football Confederation, by drawing lots in public.

2.3 The system of play shall be a League system; each team playing one match against each of the other teams in the same group. With 3 (three) points for a win, 1 (one) point for a draw, and 0 (none) for a defeat.

2.4 The course and calendar of the Copa América South-American Championship, in 2011, shall be defined on the attached file of this present regulation, which shall not be modified, unless there is a reason justified by the South-American Football Confederation Executive Committee.

3. Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final:

3.1 The teams ranked first and second in each group and the best teams among those ranked third will qualify to the quarterfinals.

3.2 The 2 (two) best teams among those ranked third will be determined according to items: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 of Art. 5 of this present Regulation.

3.3 The quarterfinal matches, the semifinal matches and the final will be played in accordance with the direct qualification of the winners.

The winners of the quarterfinal matches will qualify to play the semifinals.

The winners of the semifinals will qualify for the final.

3.6 The losers of the semifinals contest the play-off for third place and fourth place.
ART. 5

In Case of Draws

1. If two teams are equal at the end of the first stage, in order to determine the final places, the following criteria will be followed:

Greater number of points obtained.

1.2 Team with best goal difference. This difference is obtained by subtracting goals conceded from goals scored.

1.3 If there is no goal difference, the team that will qualify will be the one with greater number of goals scored.

1.4 If two teams are still equal, the one that will qualify will be the winner of their head-to-head match.

If qualification cannot be defined after the successive application of the regulation, the drawing of lots in the presence of representatives of the respective institutions will take place.

1.6 If two teams are equal before they play the last match of their respective group, and if the equality still persists after applying all the criteria described in items 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 e 1.4 successively, the result will be defined in compliance with the execution of the maximum penalties, as determined in the regulations of FIFA.

1.7 If the quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches stand as a draw at the end, the winner will be defined with an extra time with two periods of 15 minutes each to determinate a winner; in case of draw after the extra time, the game ´ll be defined with the execution of the maximum penalties, as determined in the regulations of FIFA.

ART. 6

Order and Safety

The Organizing Association will be in charge of adopting the necessary measures to ensure that order and safety is maintained in the stadiums, before, during and after the matches.

2. It will also be responsible for any accidents involving officials or supporters of the same team, during the match or in any other activity related to the Championship.

3. The participating Associations are responsible for the conduct of their officials, players and other personnel related to the Championship.

Chapter IV

Entries/Delegations/List of Players

ART. 7

1. Each participating Association shall field players who are eligible according to the regulations stated in Art. 15 of the Regulations governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes.

2. Five days before the start of the Tournament, each Association will officially communicate to the South-American Football Confederation and the Argentinean Football Association (AFA) , via telefax and/or letter, a list of 22 (twenty two) players, who will be the only ones permitted to compete in the Championship. The final date for submission of the official list is: June 27, 2011.

The List must contain the following data: surname and first name, date of birth, passport number or identification card number - issued by the suitable authorities of their countries – field position and club that he belongs to.

2.2 There shall also be a list indicating the number of the players, from 1 to 22. This number shall correspond to the number on the back, front and on the right side of the shorts, in accordance with the norms of FIFA.

2.3 The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) shall hand each player an official accreditation (credential) with a photo, passport number and the number he will wear on the shirt and shorts. This accreditation shall be presented to the referee and match commissioner before kick-off, for control and authorization for intervention of the player.

2.4 From this list of players, only the goalkeeper can be substituted by another, for reasons duly justified to the Organizing Committee of the South-American Football Confederation.

ART. 8

1. The Delegations will be composed of maximum 30 people, 22 of them players.

Chapter V

ART. 9


1. Each team will wear a uniform with the official colors and substitute colors registered at FIFA.

2. In a prior meeting, the CONMEBOL Organizing Committee will indicate the uniforms of each team, in case there might be confusion due to television transmissions. The colors of the shirts of the goalkeepers, when similar, will be changed for an alternative color in accordance with the criterion of the referee.

3. The back and  front of the shirts, and the shorts, shall be numbered from 1 to 22, and the number of each player shall be used throughout the entire championship and will not be changed.

4. Name of Players:  Each player will he identified by his name, surname or nickname on the back of the shirt. The name or nickname shall correspond to the same name or data included in the Official Players’ List. The size of the lettering must not exceed 7,5cm in height.

5. No form of publicity on the shirts, apart from the logo, in the regulation size, will be permitted.

Chapter VI


ART. 10

1. The South-American Football Confederation Referees’ committee will be responsible for the selection of referees for the Tournament.

2. The South-American Football Confederation Referees’ Committee will appoint a referee, whose name is included in the FIFA International List of Referees, as well as appointing the assistant referees and a fourth official.

The Referees’ Committee will appoint the referee and the assistant referees for each match, who must represent different Associations from the ones contesting the match.

4. After the match, the referee shall immediately hand his report form to the Commissioner of the South-American Football Confederation Organizing Committee, who in turn will include it in the official report of the South-American Football Confederation.

5. The referees will have the right to a daily provision, in accordance with the amount stipulated by their respective South-American Football Confederations.

6. The National Organizing Association will be responsible for all board and lodging expenses of the referees.

All costs related to air travel for the referees, in Tourist Class, from the place of residency to the place where the Tournament is happening shall be anticipated by the National Organizing Association, who will deliver an endorsed ticket to each referee.

All expenses mentioned in items 5, 6 and 7 of this Art., will be deducted from the revenue obtained from the ticket sales.

The LOC is obliged to deliver a copy of the video of each match to  The Referees’ Committee right after the end.

Chapter VII


ART. 11

1. The matches of the Championship will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game laid down by the International Football Association Board and published by FIFA.

Each match shall last 90 minutes, comprising two periods of 45 minutes each.   If a match is suspended for reasons uncaused by either team, the match will resume on another date, with the same score and time of when the interruption occurred.

3. Three substitutions will be permitted during the course of the match.

4. Sixty minutes before kick-off, each team will hand the referee a list of maximum 18 (eighteen) players, 11 (eleven) who will start playing and 7 (seven) substitutes. The number on the back of the shirts must correspond to the same number included on the report of the referee and the entry list of players.

5. Only 16 (sixteen) people will be allowed on the substitute’s bench, namely: 5 (five) coaching staff and 11 (eleven) possible substitute players.

In all matches of the Tournament, the use of shin guards by the participating players is obligatory, in compliance with FIFA recommendations.

In all matches, the official football of the  South-American Football Confederation will be used: NIKE. Each team will receive, before the start of the tournament, 20 training ball.

Chapter VIII

Disciplinary Committee

ART. 12

1. A Disciplinary Committee will be composed of:

1.1 The President of the South-American Football Confederation, or someone appointed by him.

1.2 A member of the Organizing Committee.

1.3 A representative of each participating National Associations (titular and substitute).

2. The Disciplinary Committee  will have the following responsibilities:

2.1 Enforce, sanction, fine, ban or disqualify teams, players, technical staff, referees or officials, who do not comply with the norms of the Tournament.

2.2  All decisions are based on the FIFA Disciplinary Code and on  the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Regulations. The written forms of the referees and the match commissioners shall be used to enforce these regulations. The Disciplinary Committee, depending on the situation, can personally summon any of the parties involved in the process and/or decide the best procedure to be taken in order to fulfill their assignment.

2.3 All decisions shall be validated by a simple majority vote, including the President, who will have the right to a second vote to break a tie. The Disciplinary Committee  will not accept any appeals regarding its decisions.

2.4 Members of the Disciplinary Committee shall apologize when the case at hand involves the Association of their country.

ART. 13

The Disciplinary Committee will apply sanctions for the following faults:

Violent play.

Protesting against the referee’s decisions.

1.3 Misconduct towards other players.

1.4 Leaving the field of play without prior authorization by the referee.

1.5 Other acts of sports misconduct sanctioned by FIFA.

2. Other cases for Expulsions:

2.1 Any player who is cautioned twice in the same match will be sent off, and can receive a minimum ban of one match.

2.2 All the remaining situations described in the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations.

Every expulsion will incur in automatic suspension of one match, unless the Disciplinary Committee determines a bigger sanction, in compliance with the report of the referee, the match commissioner or the Organizing Committee. In the case of repetition of a fault, a suspension of two matches will be applied, in accordance with the Laws of the Game. Any other form of repetition will be analyzed and sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee.

2.4 If a match is discontinued by the referee due to aggressions against his person or player of one of the teams, the team of the aggressor will lose the points of the match.

2.5 If a team withdraws from the field of play or refuses to continue, it will be fined US$ 30,000.00 (Thirty thousand US dollars).

2.6 If a team fail to attend any of the matches it is scheduled for, it will be fined US$ 40,000.00 (forty thousand US dollars) and the rival team will be considered the winner of the forfeited match.

ART. 14

1. In the cases foreseen in items 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6, of the previous Art., a 2-0 result will be awarded to the winning team, every time the result is inferior to the one registered at the moment of interruption or withdrawal from the match. The case will be recorded and taken to the South-American Football Confederation Disciplinary Committee if the seriousness of the facts demand so.

Chapter IX

Doping Control

ART. 15

1. Doping control will be carried out in every match of the competition, in accordance with the FIFA and CONMEBOL Regulations.

2. In every match of the Tournament, 2 (two) players from each team will undergo doping control testing.

The process for gathering of samples for analysis will be in compliance with the regulations of the South-American Football Confederation and published by FIFA.

4. In case of a positive result, after the analysis made in accordance with the Regulations of Doping Control, the Disciplinary Committee shall disqualify the player for the rest of the Tournament, and the occurrence shall be taken to the South-American Football Confederation Executive Committee for a conclusive sanction.

Chapter X

Economic Norms

ART. 16

1. The participation of the South-American Football Confederation Executive Committee is necessary in every Copa América, since it will seek to encourage a reasonable purse for each participating Association, depending on the final standings of each one in the Tournament.  

2. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will prepare a budget of revenues and expenses, that will be approved by the South-American Football Confederation. It shall contain the value of the ticket sales and all the costs necessary for the organization of the Tournament, in accordance with the present regulation.

3. The revenue from the sales of the tickets for the matches will be the responsibility of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), who will determine the price of the venues and be entitled to issue tickets (subscription) that include the group matches and the final stage matches.

The following expenses will be deducted from the revenue obtained with the ticket sale:

4.1 Contribution to FIFA: 1% of the revenue, minus the expenses described in items 2 and 3.

4.2 Federal, state and municipal taxes, when applicable.

4.3 Rental of the stadiums.

4.4 Costs related to the administration and organization of the matches, the administrative staff, inspectors, porters, security services, doctors, etc …

4.5 Airfare for the participating delegations.

4.6 Airfare, lodgings, meals, and internal transportation of CONMEBOL officials

4.7 Airfare, lodgings, meals, internal transportation and diary compensations for the referees.

4.8 Payment of expenses required for doping control.

4.9 Recruitment on Insurance: Liability, accident and health insurance for delegations and officials; and fans at the games

5.0 Vouchers for each delegation, in the value of US$ 100.00 (eighty dollars)  per day, for each of the 30 members, maximum number per delegation, beginning two days before the event and ending one day after the final match they will take part in. LOC must guarantee that with that amount, each delegation ´ll cover the expanses adequate basic facilities.

5.1 The expenses related to the organization and administration of the LOC are strictly subject to the Tournament budget approved by the Confederation.

5.2 The distribution of the amounts from the sale of TV rights and marketing, will be informed by the CONMEBOL at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

5.3 Cabins: CONMEBOL has the rights to half of the existing locations in the official cabin, and its distribution will be handled by its Committee on Protocol.

5.4 Tickets: Each delegations has the rights to receive 30 tickets of preferential category of its national team matches, and five tickets to the official cabin. At the other games of its group, that the National Team does not participate, the delegation has the rights to receive five tickets at the official cabin.

5.5 Similarly, the NIKE company, sponsor of the CONMEBOL official ball, must receive 25 tickets of preferential category for each game in the competition.

Chapter XI

ART. 17


1. 24 (twenty four hours) prior to each match in the championship, a coordination meeting will be held for each fixture.

2. The coordination meetings shall be presided by the Official Commissioner, representing CONMEBOL, or by the match commissioner himself. A representative from the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) shall also help, alongside a representative from the Referees’ and Officials Committee, and the National Associations, who will discuss the match at hand.

3.  Among the assignments that will be discussed in these meetings are:

1.1 Coordination of the departure from the training camps  and hotels of the teams and the arrival at the stadium, the same applies to the referees.

1.2  Coordination of the uniforms that each team with play with, including the goalkeeper’s. Each delegation must take a second uniform. The same applies to the referees.

1.3  Delivery to each delegations of their respective authorization to play and the accreditations for the people entitled to be on the field of play.

General considerations of the representatives from the Referees’ Committee regarding the situation of the players, behavior on the substitutes’ bench, procedures for injured players, etc … Consultation and doubts that might arise on behalf of some of the representatives and teams that will contest the match.

1.5  General coordination of the activities that take place before the match: national anthems, entrance of the teams on the field of play, and children bearing the Fair Play Flag.

1.6  Adoption of convenient measures necessary for the normal course of the spectacle.


Art. 18


1. The Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Tournament shall be directed by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and previously conciliated with CONMEBOL authorities.

2. UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCES: All cases not established or not foreseen in this regulation will be settled in compliance with the FIFA and CONMEBOL regulations and decided  by the Organizing Committee.

Asunción, Paraguay, October 2011