Facts that marked the Copa América
  • Argentina is the country that organized most of the editions in Copa América’s history – eight editions in the tango country (1916, 1921, 1925, 1929, 1937, 1959, 1987, and 2011). Buenos Aires and Montevideo are the cities with the greatest number of matches – 83 in total.
  • The Argentine team has the best performance among the 15 countries that have participated in the tournament. Argentina won 70% of the points. Brazil is the runner-up (63%), followed by Uruguay (61%).
  • The 1947 edition of Copa América was marked by democracy. AFA (Asociación del Fútbol Argentino) conducted a polling in order to determine which strikers would defend the team in the competition.
  • Norberto Méndez scored 17 goals for Argentina and is known as the country’s greatest best striker in all Copa América editions, along with Brazilian player Zizinho.
  • The highest score in a match in Copa América’s history was performed by Argentina – in 1942, the Argentine team defeated Ecuador by 12 x 0. The second highest score was also by Argentina – 11 x 0 against Venezuela, in 1975.
  • Juan Marvezi and José Manuel Moreno are the Argentine players who scored the greatest number of goals (five goals) in a single match in Copa América. Marvezi made five goals in the high score of 6 x 1 over Ecuador, in 1941. Moreno scored five goals in the victory by 12 x 0 over Ecuador, in 1942.
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